January 28, 2010

This interesting little item dropped for my scribe the other day. At first I was fairly intrigued by the on-use effect (turn into a giant wolf! cool! I always wanted to keep that worg costume from a Howling Fjord quest) and then it hit me like a box of bricks –

Rituals of the new moon. Turns you into a wolf… aww, crap, is this a Twilight reference!?

I linked it to guild and the instant “ooOoOoOooo werewolves” and “OMG make me one!” that ensued all but confirmed my suspicions.**

I can still use the wolf effect and claim Twi-ignorance, right? >_<

In other news, you’ve probably seen the reports on that armory-datamining blog that show rogues tied with warlocks as the least-represented class at level 80. Not shockingly, of the 4 pure DPS classes (rogues, locks, hunters, mages) 3 bring up the bottom of the list, and mages came in at #6, beating only shaman out of the hybrid classes. Spin the data however you want, but clearly most players prefer to be a jack-of-all-trades…

Thanks for all the nerfs, Blizz! We rogues will be more popular than ever!…. :S


I sat out the guild ToC run last night to let a friend into the raid and queued up for a random heroic with my good guildie friend Pocahontus, a priest. Within minutes our heroic popped – ToC 5-man, “already in progress.” We zoned in to find a DK tank and 2 DPS staring at the Black Knight, who awaited them in the middle of the room. Weird, I thought, their healer and another DPS left the group on the last boss?

“We got to phase 3,” the DK tank said almost apologetically. His HP didn’t seem horrendously low or anything, and I’m always willing to give people a chance, as is Poca, so we buffed up and started the encounter. I tricks’d the DK and went to town on the Black Knight, and we ended up smiting him so fast DBM recorded a new killing record. Easiest 2 Frost emblems evar!

It made me wonder though, what could have possibly prompted the previous healer and DPS to ditch the group…? I guess some things are better left unknown.

**Note: my guild is thankfully not comprised entirely of 13-year-old girls, as I likely made it sound

The day I left /2

January 22, 2010

Note: I had this post saved in Draft status for a few days, and reading back over it it sounds kind of smarmy… I must have been having one of those days, I apologize if my tone makes me sound like a nerf-herder.

As I was putzing around Dalaran the other day chatting with guildies I realized that I was a lot more relaxed and pleasant-minded than I typically am in a wow-city. I quickly realized it was due to a little change I made about a week ago.

Trade chat on my server reads something like “best hits of wowbash” on a regular basis. There are the typical trolls, but without fail some kind of sexually/politically/religiously-charged comment is made and the fires of idiocy rage unchecked. It’s beyond clear that when you have thousands of people all in the same chat channel, you’re inevitably going to have people who disagree with each other on a myriad of issues. The trolls of Lightbringer trade love to stoke the fires of disagreement/annoyance beyond what I can tolerate without beginning to develop a seething hatred for humanity in general. I play wow to ESCAPE that kind of RL crap (I get enough of it at work!) and don’t enjoy being assaulted with it during my “relaxing” free time.

I don’t remember exactly what comment it was that finally broke my proverbial camel’s back, but with furrowed brow I slammed out “/leave 2” and erased the offenders from my gaming experience.

Ignorance truly is bliss. Wonderful, unaware, cocooned bliss. I quickly went and left trade on all of my alts with the sole exception of my tux-clad bank dude.

Now I’m a much happier Avvy in-game, I no longer feel like mourning the loss of civilized society on a daily basis, and I don’t have to scroll past pages of linked spells and Chuck Norris jokes whilst looking for comments from my guildies. I don’t see myself going back anytime soon.


In other news, I still haven’t figured out my DC issue (I replaced Recount with Skada after reading up on issues people have had with the former, but still had DCs, though admittedly not as many as before), and I think I want to farm for the orb of deception and orb of the sin’dorei, if for nothing else than to see a female orc and/or blood elf on a mechanostrider. It’s the simple things in life, friends…


January 19, 2010

I thought I had won… I thought I was in the clear!

All signs were pointing to Xperl as the source of my rampant random disconnecting from WoW, so I merrily deleted it from my addons folder and downloaded the highly-recommended Pitbull. I went with Pitbull 4 (currently in beta) as it was touted as much easier to configure than the behemoth that was Pitbull 3. (As the developers put it: “Options will be much, much simpler. In 3.0, there’s about 200 panels that you can mess with, it’s overwhelming. I want to bring this down to somewhere around 10.”)

After an hour or so of tinkering with settings on my various toons and getting it all prettified the way I like it (screenies later!) I optimistically joined a guild raid to knock out the weekly quest and had no issues. Feeling sprightly and confident, I ran a few heroics on Avvy and then switched to my druid to attempt healing one.

This has been the bane of my DC problem, and the reason I am mostly terrified to heal instances on Nadeau lately – without fail I will DC at the most inopportune times, say, when the group is taking crazy damage, or in the middle of a boss fight. I have only run heroics with guildies on poor little Nade – I am far too terrified of not only ending up in a crappy pug, but then disconnecting and getting booted from the group. At least with guildies there is some measure of forgiveness inherent.

So I joined my guildies in the random heroic queue, cautiously optimistic about my lack of disconnections thus far in the evening. Up popped Drak’theron. Easy peasy! Everything was awesome until the hallway leading to the first boss when my screen froze. I heard my computer churn and felt that familiar exasperation-slash-rage feeling sinking through my midsection. BAM – disconnected.

I don’t really know what else to try at this point other than once again going through my addons one by one (I didn’t seem to have problems whilst running NO addons, but I didn’t test it in a raid, either). None of my other games boot me offline like this so I doubt it’s my computer… though I am fairly due for a new video card (I’m running this baby… I know, UBAR, right?!) If I can’t solve the problem I’m not sure what I’ll do; it makes me an unreliable and risky player in a raiding environment, especially in movement-heavy fights or fights like Rotface that rely on individual player actions to succeed.

/sigh… back to the battle!

Battling the evil disconnect boss

January 18, 2010

My nasty disconnecting problems of late came to an ugly head last Saturday in the ICC-25 pug I’ve been attending (due to conflicting schedules with guild ICC runs). I probably DC’d about 20 times over the course of the 3 hour raid and probably more, often at inconvenient times – Avvy has a slime on Rotface! DC! Avvy is disarming a trap! DC! The boss is at 5% and I’m one of the last DPS alive! DC! At one point the raid leader asked me why I was always saying “no” when he did a ready check and I had to tell him it was because I was usually going offline right as he did so.

So as you can guess, I’m pretty freakin’ fed up with it. To review, I’ve tried suggested fixes ranging from completely deleting my addon folder and re-downloading everything, deleting the patch.MPQ files and letting the repair tool re-download them, disabling certain bandwidth-hogging addons, and even put on my tinfoil hat and changed my password. (I have an authenticator [and you should too!] but figured I might as well anyway).

So last night I renamed my addons folder to keep the game from using it and booted up wow, forcing the game to create a brand new one. I shut it down again and copied over my “bare minimum” addons from the original folder – dominos, need to know, omen, DBM, decursive – and started up the game.

OMG my unitframes

Can I just say I loathe the default Blizz frames… sooo uglyyyyy

Anyway, I took Oyasumi on a trip to Scarlet Monastary to test the mettle of the DC gremlins. Aside from battling with my crippled UI it went fairly well, and I even got to witness a rogue in a dress (/facepalm) who rolled Need on mail items (to the delight of the hunter in the group) and then complained when he couldn’t equip them.

rogue in a dress

forgive my UI, I had Xperl disabled, amongst other things


this was followed by "wtf it wont go on"

Afterward I took my level 80 toons on their daily random heroic adventures and experienced nary a DC. As this has happened before – the game acting sweet and innocent during menial tasks and going all Jekyll and Hyde on me once in a raid group – I joined a group of guildies heading to Malygos to go after the speed kill achievement to further test my setup.

Fifteen minutes and one achievement later I was still DC free! \o/

I’m too jaded to assume I’ve definitey found the problem at this point, but if it IS fixed, that points to Xperl  as the likely culprit (and it seems other people have had this issue too, I just discovered!)… which means UGH, I have to find and configure a new unitframes addon. I tried Pitbull once and lasted about fifteen minutes before my eyes glazed over at the sheer massiveness of the config panel, but I hear a new version is coming out that’s attempting to simplify the process… so maybe I will give that a go. A few guildies suggested one called Stuf as well so I might check that out…

Assuming I don’t DC ten times in tonight’s raid, that is x_x

Arright, back to work!

Fun-sucking dramas, STO

January 15, 2010

Well the last few days or so were a combination of annoying guild drama and some quality time spent poking around the Star Trek Online beta. (By the way I love the bug? feature? where you beam to space and instead of seeing your ship, it’s just your little toon, floating in the vast expanses… on the flip side sometimes you’ll beam down to a planet and see yourself scooting around as a mini-ship!)

anyone out here?

she was a star collector


pew pew! I tractor beam youu

Me and my trusty ship, the USS Kahlua, made some Borgs go explody and assembled an away team of redshirts I called Stu, Moe, and Bobby. They enjoy shooting at random mobs and aggroing everything in their path (mostly because I forgot to set them to passive…)

But anyway, back in wow-land, events of last week were somehow the catalyst of 2 officers gquitting, 2 more stepping down, and 3 changes of GM within 24 hours. The brewing undercurrents of drama have been slowly splintering their way across the guild for a long time now, like a crack creeping across the frozen surface of a pond, only to finally explode in a fireball of heated guild forum postings and vent craziness. There is one officer in particular (who will remain nameless since I don’t really know who reads this blog) who has caused some unspoken grumblings in the guild over the past few months. This officer  clashed with 2 other officers specifically and this all came to a head in our guild 25-man ICC run last week, which resulted in the 2 other officers gquitting and the aforementioned craziness.

The dust is settling somewhat at this point but it always makes for a nail-biting time – will the guild go up in a fireball of doom and implode upon itself? Will the new GM ferociously gkick people he/she doesn’t like? What will become of the tadpoles?!

In other news I finally dual-specced Nadeau so he no longer has to quest as a lolresto. Now he can zap face as… a boomchicken!


I said a boom chicka boom

Of course I conveniently forgot that he has absolutely zero gear with hit rating on it, but at least when he misses now, it will be with more oomph!

Oh, and don’t you love the new armory features!? As soon as I found out you could save your toon in a pose that EVERYone would see when they visit your profile, I immediately went and posed all my toons in funny/stupid ways. I think my favorite is the fruity male blood elf hand wavy thing

Oh and by the way, if you live in Seattle like I do, I highly reccomend you stay away from downtown this weekend


January 13, 2010

Blargh. I was all set to write up a rant on recent guild drama when I saw this article on recent pictures from the Haiti earthquake.

It kind of makes petty issues in an online game seem completely insignificant.

WoW on Win 7?

January 12, 2010

A few of my coworkers have me all but convinced to reformat my compy with the apparantly ubertastic Win 7 (I still run XP Pro at home). It looks pretty awesome… but I’m wondering… how does it run with WoW? Anyone out there running wow on Win 7 and have any issues, or lack therof? I’ve heard Win 7 does wacky things with where it saves your game files, but aside from that, I don’t really know of any downsides… thoughts?

And for something completely different, this made me laugh when it popped up on twitter earlier today…