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I was invited to a pug ICC 25 man with 5-6 other folks from my guild tonight. When I came in the group was on Deathwhisper and we cleared all the way through Saurfang. (I am still totally digging the Gunship battle and have to stifle the overwhelming urge to shout “weeeeee!” every time I launch back and forth between the ships.) I picked up the Heartpierce dagger which is a drop in stats for me, but has waaay better dps than the dagger I was using. Elitist Jerks seems to be up in the air so far as to whether on-proc weapons like this one will be better than their statted-up counterparts, but compared to what I had, I think it’ll be a DPS increase…  a guildie friend enchanted it for me after I got it and I was able to use it on the Saurfang fight, and pulled 8+k DPS o_O (previously only attainable by me on fights like XT and ToC  Twins) so it’s looking good so far!

I also finally gemmed up my new chestpiece (I was using T8.5 up until I got the cloak yesterday in an attempt to keep my Expertise at an acceptable level) and immediately noticed it looks a little different on me than my fellow guildie rogue (a male NE)… another classic example of Blizz’s gender-neutral armor design :P Needless to say Avvy now has her stylish black shirt equipped at all times.

is it too much to ask for armor that's actually... armor ;p

(This is what is looks like on a dude-toon)

Because yeah, being melee and all, I want to go charging into battle with my boobies hanging out.. maybe I can distract the boss long enough to steal his lewts!

Anyway, I noticed after the raid I’d finally accumulated enough Frost emblems to pick up the awesome trinket (for mutilate anyway) – so basically in a matter of 2 days Avvy’s gear went from “kinda ok” to decent!

My expertise is a little below cap at this point (23/26) but that should go up slightly once I get some T10 gear… and I think it won’t matter tooo much unless I reach the gear level where I start to approach the dreaded crit cap.

Afterward I did a few quests on my nearly-80 pally (can’t wait to have another toon at that fresh-80-kicked-from-every-pug point) and got to surf on a crocolisk.. weee!


Aside from randomly disconnecting from WoW every 20-30 minutes or so (what IS causing this?!) it was a pretty decent evening!


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