Harro fellow players of wow… I apologize that I have been seriously slacking in the putting-thoughts-to-paper (or fingers-to-keys as it were) as of late… I have no idea where the time has gone! But as you can see by the nifty tattletale RSS feed of my wow adventures in the column to the right, I have actually been raiding lately (I managed to pull myself away from the lures of Dragon Age, which was a challenge as the expansion has just come out as well!)

Strangely, though, any burning desire I may have once had to play WoW has all but disappeared. I enjoy it while I’m logged on, I still get a kick out of downing bosses and chatting with my guildies, but I don’t think about WoW throughout the day; I don’t dash to my computer as soon as I get home from work and burst into Azeroth; I don’t worry about getting more emblems and the inevitable slight falling-behind my toon is enduring. (People in my guild who hit 80 nary a month ago are already outgearing my poor lil rogue – I must admit I do take a sly pleasure in still coming out on top of the meters on fights like Festergut or Deathbringer, though ;D)

I’m not sure what spurned that change – was it Dragon Age? A general loss of interest in devoting the entirety of my evenings to a game? I’ve had game obsessions before (my Sims phase in the early 2000’s was fairly timesucking) and after time they all passed on into the storage closets of my brain. I can’t say for sure that WoW is heading that way, but it’s definitely not gripping my attention like it once did.

Cataclysm may change that; my guild finally getting to face the Lich King might also get my passions fired up again; interesting rogue changes may get me playing consistently… I guess I’ll have to wait and see.

In other news the shammy preview for cataclysm dropped today and all I have to say is daaayyyummm, if rogues get changes half that interesting and awesome I will be pretty thrilled!


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