About Avvy

How did I get started in WoW, you may ask?

It actually wasn’t a boyfriend, but on November 22nd, 2004, a coworker friend convinced me to try “the new MMO” set to release the next day. I had never played an online game and agreed to try it once he offered to buy me a copy early the next morning at Walmart. Honestly, I didn’t really think I’d be interested or stick with it for very long… I’m pretty ADD when it comes to sticking with a hobby (ironically enough that friend stopped playing a few years ago, and guess who’s still addicted? >_>). My coworker brought me my copy on the 23rd, and after work I rushed home, installed the game on my slightly crappy old machine, and logged in for the first time…

And 5 years later I’m still playing this online crack engrossing, frustrating, infinite game!

holy crap possibly the first screenshot I ever took

A very wee Avvy with a very noobish UI

It was slow going at first. I’m still on my original server (Lightbringer) and people still joke about the days of constant server resets and getting stuck in the slidey slidey loot position. The very first toon I rolled was my NE hunter Rouvin (I still remember sitting in awe watching the opening NE sequence, shocked to find that the toon the camera had been zeroing in on the entire time was me), which I played for a few hours until finding out my work buddy had rolled a human, so I rerolled a human rogue, Aveiceae, which has been my main ever since.

I was a terrible noob at first (yeah, I chose gear based on its armor value and didn’t discover the AH until like, level 50! I also couldn’t figure out why my XP bar changed from blue to purple for almost a year) and it took me until roughly October 2005 to hit 60 on my rogue. Around that time I joined my first guild, Restrained Chaos, entirely because back around level 30ish I’d quested for a day with two of their members who were totally nice and hilarious and I always thought if I joined a guild, RC would have to be the one. This led to my abrupt introduction to raiding (I was awful… AWFUL at first) and the forging of friendships that last in-game to this day.

Restrained Chaos after downing Nefarion the first time circa 2006

oh RC days of old, how I miss ye

But I got a lot of old-skool raids under my belt – ZG, MC, BWL, AQ 20/40, and the beginnings of Naxx40. I leveled my hunter to 50-ish and rolled a shadowpriest, Jihyu, which became my 2nd 60 (incidentally, she has never been anything but shadow >:] *emits purple fumes*).

BC hit and my guild found itself lodged in the revolving door of Kara. We didn’t have enough geared people to run 25 mans, so after awhile we lost our more impatient/better geared members. We would get some new recruits, gear them up, and lose them too. Our core group wasn’t getting anywhere (and to this DAY I never want to set foot in Kara again!) but seemed to just go around and around in the vicious cycle of Kara runs. Toward the end of BC we finally threw in the towel and tried finding a similar guild to merge with. After a few craptacular clashes in personality and style, we settled into our current home – Pixelated. By this point, though, BC was almost over, so we missed out on a lot of the progression raids… I still have never been to Black Temple :(

I spent a crap ton of time leveling alts during the mind-numbingly-boring Kara days and left BC with 5 70’s – my rogue Aveiceae, priest Jihyu (who became a 2nd main, outgearing my rogue at times), hunter Rouvin, gnome mage Seishou, and NE druid Nadeau (my only dude toon!). I also upgraded my wheezingly craptacular computer during this time (FINALLY).

Enter WotLK! I took the week off work and somehow hit 80 in that timeframe! (I’ve never played so much wow in my LIIIFEE!!) I added a human pally Nikoel (originally rolled as a placeholder for a DK but ended up loving her) and human-then-blood-elf DK Suunto to my nearly-exploding stable of alts. Currently I’m raiding 25 mans as a mutilate rogue with Pixelated, occasionally weaving my shaddypriest and restodrood into 10mans. My heart will always remain loyal to the stabbity stabness of my rogue, ever pushing to top the damage meters (and no I’m not That Player that spams meters/makes a big deal about dps… but if you play a rogue you too know how ass-terrible they were as fresh 80’s and how nice it is to crank out good dps again!)

Avvy stares down Frostmorne. what a long strange trip it's been

she's come a long way since Elwynn Forest

Years played: 5
Pounds gained: 20 x_x
If WoW had theme songs, mine would be: “Again and Again” by the Bird and the Bee
My favorite mods: Dominos, Need to Know, Pitbull4, Cowtip, SCT, RatingBuster, Quartz, CT Viewport, ButtonFacade, Align, Altoholic, Gatherer, ChatBar, Fishing Buddy, DBM Victory Sounds :D

And yes, I am a girl that plays WoW, but in-game I not to make my girlness painfully obvious. (It’s rather hard not to make it obvious in RL :P)

In RL, I live in Seattle with 2 roommates, a cat, a quirky turtle, and a betta fish.

What the crap is “Aveiceae?”

basically it’s pronounced like (h)ave (a) (n)ice (d)ay (except I changed the “y” at the end to an “e” for aesthetic purposes)… nothing awesome like “a word in a foreign language that means happy fun ball!”


6 Responses to About Avvy

  1. Recked says:

    Enjoyed reading your story and reading the blog. Keep it up!

    Recked :)

  2. Recked says:

    Hope you don’t mind but I’ve put up a link to Avvystyle under the Rogue Blog section on ReckedRogue.com after reading your last 10 posts.

    Very informative and even more entertaining :)

  3. Sellia says:

    You’re now on my blogroll too. :)

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