Facewow/Wowbook hoooooo

June 23, 2010

There’s a virtual firestorm blazing on the wow forums and twitter/blogland regarding Blizz’s new Real ID features, but let me just say I’m digging it so far, and I don’t completely understand all the fuss. After all – no one can force you to become their Real ID friend, and if you don’t like it, feel very free to not use it; the old Friends List functions just the same as it did before!

So far I have added only RL work friends who play horde on my server, and getting to talk cross-faction with them in-game was super fun (broadcasting quirky statuses became a back-and-forth game for awhile as well). I like that it works much like whispers in that you can just hit “r” to reply, though I noticed DBM didn’t pick up on it and shoot them an in-combat autoreply while I was raiding (maybe that will be built into the mod eventually). With my RL friends, who already know my name and email address, it wasn’t a big deal to me at all that they can see my name in-game and all my toons as well, especially cross-faction. This applies to friends/family who play on different servers as well – it’s a pretty awesome way to keep in touch.

I can understand not wanting to give y0ur Real ID to a raid leader, or people you don’t know very well in-game, and I likely wouldn’t, but again, you have all the control here – if you don’t want to be someone’s Real ID friend, DON’T! If you don’t want your annoying wow-noob acquaintance to bug you while you’re on alts – don’t give him/her your email address!

I can see Blizz maybe offering the option to set a nickname or making slight changes based on the cacophony of complaints surging from the forums, but honestly I think it’s a lot of fussing for something that is completely OPTIONAL. If Blizz was requiring us to use Real ID that would be another thing entirely…



January 28, 2010

This interesting little item dropped for my scribe the other day. At first I was fairly intrigued by the on-use effect (turn into a giant wolf! cool! I always wanted to keep that worg costume from a Howling Fjord quest) and then it hit me like a box of bricks –

Rituals of the new moon. Turns you into a wolf… aww, crap, is this a Twilight reference!?

I linked it to guild and the instant “ooOoOoOooo werewolves” and “OMG make me one!” that ensued all but confirmed my suspicions.**

I can still use the wolf effect and claim Twi-ignorance, right? >_<

In other news, you’ve probably seen the reports on that armory-datamining blog that show rogues tied with warlocks as the least-represented class at level 80. Not shockingly, of the 4 pure DPS classes (rogues, locks, hunters, mages) 3 bring up the bottom of the list, and mages came in at #6, beating only shaman out of the hybrid classes. Spin the data however you want, but clearly most players prefer to be a jack-of-all-trades…

Thanks for all the nerfs, Blizz! We rogues will be more popular than ever!…. :S


I sat out the guild ToC run last night to let a friend into the raid and queued up for a random heroic with my good guildie friend Pocahontus, a priest. Within minutes our heroic popped – ToC 5-man, “already in progress.” We zoned in to find a DK tank and 2 DPS staring at the Black Knight, who awaited them in the middle of the room. Weird, I thought, their healer and another DPS left the group on the last boss?

“We got to phase 3,” the DK tank said almost apologetically. His HP didn’t seem horrendously low or anything, and I’m always willing to give people a chance, as is Poca, so we buffed up and started the encounter. I tricks’d the DK and went to town on the Black Knight, and we ended up smiting him so fast DBM recorded a new killing record. Easiest 2 Frost emblems evar!

It made me wonder though, what could have possibly prompted the previous healer and DPS to ditch the group…? I guess some things are better left unknown.

**Note: my guild is thankfully not comprised entirely of 13-year-old girls, as I likely made it sound