Mah toons

All toons (save for random scattered DKs I made on other servers to talk to friends) are on my home server Lightbringer, one of the originals!

Aveiceae (woo a pic of outdated gear)


Class: Rogue, 80
Spec: Mutilate 51/18/2
My main! Aveiceae (or Avvy as most people call her since no one can pronounce her name) was rolled the day WoW launched and bore the full brunt of my noobness as I leveled and eventually learned to raid. She’s my fav toon to play and probably the only one that can actually top a damage meter… also my only toon with 450 fishing/cooking as I’m far too lazy to level it on any of my others.  Stabbity-stab daggers are her weapon of choice though she admits to having been Combat when it was all the rage in BC…



Class: Druid, 80
Spec: Resto! YAY TREEEEE
My sole dude toon (aside from my tux-wearing bank guy). He was created as kind of a tribute to a good friend of mine who tragically died in a car accident in April of 2005. I designed Nade to look like the druid my friend used to level with me and gave him my friend’s surname. Nadeau was feral up until level 70, when I specced him Resto for BC… after which I masochistically quested to 80 with my ubar healzspec.  I do love being a tree! /dance /dance /sleep (so sad tree form is getting the heave-ho come Cataclysm)



Class: Priest, 80
Spec: Shadow (she has actually never been specced otherwise :O)
My pew pew shaddypriest, rolled sometime in 2005. She was my 2nd 60 back in vanilla WoW and has been kind of a primary alt for the majority of my wow life. She enjoys being a purple haze *fume fume* and is a flower-pickin’ hippie in her spare time. I have lately been contemplating dual-speccing her Disc but it seems so opposite to everything she’s ever been…



Class: Paladin, 79 now 80!
Spec: Retadin (leveled her to be my Tank Toon ™ but have been too chicken to try it yet)
I originally created Nik to be a placeholder for my DK right before Wrath hit, but I started leveling her and liked her so much I decided she could stay. :3 She was my first toon to get heirloom gear when it became available and man, I thought retadin leveling was easy before, but the heirlooms made her slice though mobs like buttah… especially in undead-riddled Northrend ;D Maybe someday I will steel up the nerve to actually spec her Prot.


Rouvin and Koji

Class: Hunter, 78 now 80!
Spec: Marksmanship (yes as a fresh 80 with crap gear shut up)
The very first toon I ever created in WoW (and yes… she still has her very first Nightsaber pet in the stable). Abandoned at level 13 until after my main hit 60, she spent several weeks camped out in that blasted tree in the Barrens waiting for Humar the Pridelord to spawn (I think I about fell out of the tree when he finally did show up). Humar (now Koji) has been her pet ever since… and curse the day Blizz put that same black lion skin in an easily-obtainable spot in Sholazar Basin -_-. Rouvin mostly hangs out in front of a mailbox, waiting to DE all the crap greens my other toons send her.



Class: Mage, 73
Spec: Frost for leveling
Created and slowly leveled at some point in 2005 when my original wow buddy and I were trying out classes together. I wanted to play a gnome and make it an engineer, and I got my wish… I love my flying machine :> This toon is currently the GM of my bank guild Nyquil Drivers (bonus points if you know the source of the name), where I keep my many stupid/sentimental items such as Happy Fun Rock and romance novels! :D


Suunto, after and before

Class: DK, 74
Spec: Blood
My magical faction-changing noob knight. Started life as a human (see above… a recreation of the DK I made in WotLK beta) and leveled to 70 as Alliance. I found out one of my coworkers plays horde on Lightbringer and decided I’d faction transfer an alt to occasionally play with him, and this one was most easily sacrificed for the cause. I ALLLLMOST turned her into a female tauren DK as I’ve NEVER SEEN ONE, but as you can see above… I went with the pretty instead of the awesome. Now she has a vapid sigh and creepy laugh to go along with her glowing undead eyes. She was christiened by my brother, a scuba diver, when in a fit of blank-mindedness at the WotLK beta char creation screen I asked him for a name. I guess it’s a brand of scuba diving watch…



Class: Shaman, 58 (off to Outland!! x_X)
Spec: Enhance Elemental
Was Enhance long enough for me to get sick of it and not long enough to actually hit dual wielding which would have apparently been game-changing – but it’s too late now, I sent her heirloom Elemental gear, and Elemental she shall stay. :P  BTW I gave her dark hair and skin specifically because every female draenei on my server seems to have the pale blue skin and blue or white hair… just doing my part for diversity :P Though I think I could find a better screenshot of her >_>


(No pic yet)

Class: Priest, 22
Spec: Shadow (may be disc or holy someday)
I can’t bring myself to delete this guy due to the hours of agony spent leveling him to 20 (it was pre-faction-transfer, so he had no money, and pre-heirloom gear). He was originally rolled to be my horde toon I’d play with coworkers on my server, but then I transferred over my DK and this guy was left in the dust. It may actually be fun to level him through LFG, though. Fun fact: he was originally female, but within FIVE MINUTES of character creation, standing in the BE starting zone, I was accosted by some weirdo who was apparently hanging around trying to sex up all the female BEs that popped into the world. Needless to say I rerolled pretty quick…


Other alts include my snappy tux-clad bank dude who may possibly get the cut when Cataclysm rolls out, to make room for a worgen.

Speaking of Cataclysm, the toon I will most likely start leveling at that point will be a worgen warrior, having never played that class. (I’ve never rolled a lock either but the class doesn’t really appeal to me.) It may possibly be a worgen rogue, though, as that just seems awesome. I may also (for kicks) try out a gnome priest, human hunter, night elf mage, and/or worgen druid :3 Maaaaayyybe even my first dwarf ever if I feel like leveling another shammy! And I will probably take a goblin through the starting zone, just to experience it.


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  1. wrthofnino says:

    OMG A Rogue! Hey Aveiceae, Elentari (Ysera-US) here! Just saying “HEY!” and welcome to the blogging scene! Liked your posts so far, linked and RSS feed’ed’ed ;)

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