Pre-Cata OCD

December 1, 2010

Wow! I’ve been neglecting the poor ol wowblog. My wow life hasn’t been all that exciting so there’s not much to write about, I suppose! since the giant patch of world-breakingness hit I’ve mostly been going OCD on achievements (mostly fishing, cause I’m boring like that) and non-combat pet collecting. I did manage to pick up a few of the new non-combat pets and one rarity I’ve wanted for awhile – the Disgusting Oozeling! It only took days and days of running circles in Swamp of Sorrows killing slimes, but the ooze of cuteness is mine. Other pets I added to my roster were the Singing Sunflower (AMG it took me forever to beat the PvZ game in Hillsbrad… I had to look up strats on Wowhead >_<), Mr Grubbs (think I got a little lucky on finding this one so quickly), Withers (the quest chain to get this guy is actually pretty cool, got to visit that troll town you could never reach before in Darkshore), and Tiny Flamefly (another one requiring kind of a long questline).

I also finally went around collecting enough recipes to hit the Chef de Cuisine achievement and fished around a bit to work toward the Oceanographer and Limnologist achies (goodness these are going to be painful, heh). I still haven’t been torched by Deathwing, though…

OH and I got the most awesome hunter pet ever on my level-80-and-still-wearing-heirlooms huntard – a SEAGULL! I called him Mine ;D It’s tiny enough to look like a non-combat pet and flaps along happily with a grin on its face (beak?). Best pet ever? I also ran around and tamed some of the other newly-available pets – a fox, a mastiff, a beetle, and a green cat…. >_>


Main character fail

July 21, 2010

Sooo my druid ended up going back to ICC the day after his first adventure and knocked out the plague wing and the crimison halls (and also somehow managed to finish the Blood Queen fight as a vampire, though I didn’t realize she was so close to dying and was frantically running around looking for someone to bite, haha). Those are two achievements that my main character, poor lil Avvy, hasn’t completed. (Of course I don’t even HAVE a 10 man group with Avvy, but still!)

Yesterday as many of you know the ICC pity buff went up to 30%, so I was hoping our guild 25-man (that Avvy is committed to) would actually be able to down Putricide and/or move on to the Crimison Halls (we’ve downed the princes once in 25 man but frustratingly haven’t returned to that fight since then, as the raid leaders seem bent on getting down Putricide first for some reason). Unfortunately we had to pug out 5 or 6 spots and after several attempts could only get Putri down to about 13%. Frustrating!

Tonight is supposed to be our continuation 25-man ICC run of the week but if history is any example we’ll only get about 13 raiders online, it won’t fill, and we’ll end up bumming around Dalaran all night or running VoA instead. Double frustrating!

There was one amusing thing about last night… (real names blacked out to protect the innocents!)

really WoW?

sorry for the fuzziness, I took it with mah cellphone!

That’s right, my friend Garrett has been offline longer than he’s been ALIVE.

I thought it was merely a glitch with Avvy’s friends list but after the raid I switched to a few alts and the same thing showed up on all of them. Heh!


May 25, 2010

Just saw this news on MMO-champion re: Hunger for Blood: (source)

It’s going away for Cataclysm.


That is all.


May 16, 2010

In the 5 years I’ve played wow, there’s been one thing that’s (mostly) constant – with a few tiny exceptions, I never (willingly) talk on vent. There are people I’ve raided with for about 4 years now who have literally never heard my voice.

I don’t know why it is – I mean, I don’t like the sound of my own voice on recordings, but who does? I’m not sure if it’s overwhelming shyness gripping me (I’m not a mute in RL, so why should I be one in wow?) or the fact that I’ve gone so long without talking it’s become the proverbial elephant in the room, not to mention my guild already jokes that if I ever DID talk on vent the whole raid would wipe as everyone alt-tabbed out to their desktops in unison to discover who that strange female voice belonged to.

There was one time, back in the BC days, my roommate (using my computer to raid while I was at work, as his PC was having issues) left my mic on my desk in voice-activated mode while a guild Kara run was going on.  I got home, plopped down at my desk, and proceeded to blab loudly to my roommate about my day, only to hear over the speakers “Wow, it sure is nice to hear Avvy’s voice for once!”

Mortified, I ripped the mic out of the computer and proceeded to verbally flambe my hapless roommate. Needless to say he hasn’t repeated THAT mistake since.

I’m not sure what my vent-aversion is. I mean, I don’t really like speaking in public but I DO it when necessary, so I’m not sure why addressing a room of 30 faceless guildmates intimidates me so much. They can’t see that I’m sitting around in my jammies or chowing down on ramen while I vegetate in front of my PC, and it’s not like a face-to-face conversation where there’s more “pressure” to reply in a non-awkward timeframe. (I mean, if we took as long to respond to people in person the way we do online or in texts, they would think we were seriously messed up.)

I think I need to just get over it and DO it already… but it’s so SCARY!


For a random screenshot of the day, here’s my 76 hunter on a quest in Dragonblight, wondering with horror if she will truly turn into a meleeing huntard at level 80.

I knew it! I turned into a huntard :(

did future me run out of ammo?

Until next time!

Time to hop back on the merry-go-round

March 11, 2010

Well,  after a month of being mostly AFK (ok that’s slightly a lie, I was AK -at keyboard?- but was cheating on wow with another gamelookit all my purty toons!) I’m feeling like I should probably finally make my return to Azeroth. I’ve been keeping tabs on the recent PTR changes and with patch 3.3.3 looming I feel like I need to pick Avvy off the couch, dust off the cobwebs, and whip her back into shape.

This is probably the longest break I’ve ever taken from WoW in the 5+ years the game has existed, so I don’t feel too bad about it – it was a good chance to remind myself that I don’t HAVE to play wow, I’m not OBLIGATED to log in every night, and it truly is just a game, not a job – it’s a hobby, not a chore. Hopefully I can hang onto this mindset as I ramp back into raiding.

I may even change my dual-spec to Subtlety and dip my toe in the cesspool of PVP for the first time since BC… oh, the huge manatee!

Still distracted…

February 10, 2010

I’m still swept up in the throes of Dragon Age (if you haven’t played this game, and you like intense, story-driven games, what are you waiting for?!) – I haven’t been this gripped by a game in a long time. I mean wow!Avvy is awesome, but DA!Avvy is falling in love (and for that, getting chided by other groupmates) and changing the world around her permanently. The character creation in DA is nice, too… DA!Avvy is much more loverly than wow!Avvy :3


Avvy does the Proving

I love that I can take over control of any member of my entire party if I want, or let them run around on a tactics script I set up. At this point I have 9 companions to choose from and depending on the combination in my party, they get into some pretty hilarious conversations with each other (I Fraps’d a few… might upload them later). I always have Alistair along because not only do I <3 him, but he seriously cracks me up on a regular basis; I will literally lol in front of my computer like a ninny, drawing the curious inquiries of my roomie (who didn’t like DA, actually, due to all the “story” – he just likes to go out and kill things… a FPS dude at heart, he is).

thrilling combat!

Alistair looks kind of like a paladin in that getup

So needless to say with all this Dragon Age madness going on I completely forgot about the mushy love holiday currently taking place in WoW. Luckily I finished the achievements and snagged my Love Fool title last year, but apparantly there are new pets (and a SWEET MOUNT) to be had this year, which may drag me away from Dragon Age for awhile.

It’s kind of nice, though, allowing myself to slip off the hamster wheel of WoW raiding for a bit and just enjoy a game for a game, and not feel the pressure of needing to log in every day to get my emblems and the nagging obligation of feeling like I need to gear up my mostly-pathetic alties. If I allow myself to think about it for too long, that little voice in the back of my head starts up again – “oh crap, you’re missing out! you need to get your Frost gear, the rest of your T10, or you’ll fall behind! and hey, what about this holiday stuff!? you don’t want to miss out on these pets, do you?” – so in that respect I’m enjoying the little vacation Dragon Age has given me.

I know it’s impossible to stay off the WoW-wheel forever, though…

The day I left /2

January 22, 2010

Note: I had this post saved in Draft status for a few days, and reading back over it it sounds kind of smarmy… I must have been having one of those days, I apologize if my tone makes me sound like a nerf-herder.

As I was putzing around Dalaran the other day chatting with guildies I realized that I was a lot more relaxed and pleasant-minded than I typically am in a wow-city. I quickly realized it was due to a little change I made about a week ago.

Trade chat on my server reads something like “best hits of wowbash” on a regular basis. There are the typical trolls, but without fail some kind of sexually/politically/religiously-charged comment is made and the fires of idiocy rage unchecked. It’s beyond clear that when you have thousands of people all in the same chat channel, you’re inevitably going to have people who disagree with each other on a myriad of issues. The trolls of Lightbringer trade love to stoke the fires of disagreement/annoyance beyond what I can tolerate without beginning to develop a seething hatred for humanity in general. I play wow to ESCAPE that kind of RL crap (I get enough of it at work!) and don’t enjoy being assaulted with it during my “relaxing” free time.

I don’t remember exactly what comment it was that finally broke my proverbial camel’s back, but with furrowed brow I slammed out “/leave 2” and erased the offenders from my gaming experience.

Ignorance truly is bliss. Wonderful, unaware, cocooned bliss. I quickly went and left trade on all of my alts with the sole exception of my tux-clad bank dude.

Now I’m a much happier Avvy in-game, I no longer feel like mourning the loss of civilized society on a daily basis, and I don’t have to scroll past pages of linked spells and Chuck Norris jokes whilst looking for comments from my guildies. I don’t see myself going back anytime soon.


In other news, I still haven’t figured out my DC issue (I replaced Recount with Skada after reading up on issues people have had with the former, but still had DCs, though admittedly not as many as before), and I think I want to farm for the orb of deception and orb of the sin’dorei, if for nothing else than to see a female orc and/or blood elf on a mechanostrider. It’s the simple things in life, friends…