Still distracted…

February 10, 2010

I’m still swept up in the throes of Dragon Age (if you haven’t played this game, and you like intense, story-driven games, what are you waiting for?!) – I haven’t been this gripped by a game in a long time. I mean wow!Avvy is awesome, but DA!Avvy is falling in love (and for that, getting chided by other groupmates) and changing the world around her permanently. The character creation in DA is nice, too… DA!Avvy is much more loverly than wow!Avvy :3


Avvy does the Proving

I love that I can take over control of any member of my entire party if I want, or let them run around on a tactics script I set up. At this point I have 9 companions to choose from and depending on the combination in my party, they get into some pretty hilarious conversations with each other (I Fraps’d a few… might upload them later). I always have Alistair along because not only do I <3 him, but he seriously cracks me up on a regular basis; I will literally lol in front of my computer like a ninny, drawing the curious inquiries of my roomie (who didn’t like DA, actually, due to all the “story” – he just likes to go out and kill things… a FPS dude at heart, he is).

thrilling combat!

Alistair looks kind of like a paladin in that getup

So needless to say with all this Dragon Age madness going on I completely forgot about the mushy love holiday currently taking place in WoW. Luckily I finished the achievements and snagged my Love Fool title last year, but apparantly there are new pets (and a SWEET MOUNT) to be had this year, which may drag me away from Dragon Age for awhile.

It’s kind of nice, though, allowing myself to slip off the hamster wheel of WoW raiding for a bit and just enjoy a game for a game, and not feel the pressure of needing to log in every day to get my emblems and the nagging obligation of feeling like I need to gear up my mostly-pathetic alties. If I allow myself to think about it for too long, that little voice in the back of my head starts up again – “oh crap, you’re missing out! you need to get your Frost gear, the rest of your T10, or you’ll fall behind! and hey, what about this holiday stuff!? you don’t want to miss out on these pets, do you?” – so in that respect I’m enjoying the little vacation Dragon Age has given me.

I know it’s impossible to stay off the WoW-wheel forever, though…