Pre-Cata OCD

December 1, 2010

Wow! I’ve been neglecting the poor ol wowblog. My wow life hasn’t been all that exciting so there’s not much to write about, I suppose! since the giant patch of world-breakingness hit I’ve mostly been going OCD on achievements (mostly fishing, cause I’m boring like that) and non-combat pet collecting. I did manage to pick up a few of the new non-combat pets and one rarity I’ve wanted for awhile – the Disgusting Oozeling! It only took days and days of running circles in Swamp of Sorrows killing slimes, but the ooze of cuteness is mine. Other pets I added to my roster were the Singing Sunflower (AMG it took me forever to beat the PvZ game in Hillsbrad… I had to look up strats on Wowhead >_<), Mr Grubbs (think I got a little lucky on finding this one so quickly), Withers (the quest chain to get this guy is actually pretty cool, got to visit that troll town you could never reach before in Darkshore), and Tiny Flamefly (another one requiring kind of a long questline).

I also finally went around collecting enough recipes to hit the Chef de Cuisine achievement and fished around a bit to work toward the Oceanographer and Limnologist achies (goodness these are going to be painful, heh). I still haven’t been torched by Deathwing, though…

OH and I got the most awesome hunter pet ever on my level-80-and-still-wearing-heirlooms huntard – a SEAGULL! I called him Mine ;D It’s tiny enough to look like a non-combat pet and flaps along happily with a grin on its face (beak?). Best pet ever? I also ran around and tamed some of the other newly-available pets – a fox, a mastiff, a beetle, and a green cat…. >_>


All DC’s and no play make Avvy…

January 3, 2010

In doing some perusal of the mighty intarwebs I’ve found I’m not the only one DC’ing with ferocious abandon since the recent patches hit. Suggested fixes seem to range from “disable certain addons and your combat log” to “delete the patch.MPQ files and force the Repair tool to redownload them (a hefty 4GB of patch files I might add).” As I’m hopelessly addicted to my fleet of addons, I’m attempting option 2 as we speak. Before I did so I backed up my Screenshots and WTF (WTF!!!) folder as suggested and found that over 5 years of play I’ve accumulated 1.54 GB of screenies. That’s a lotta Print Screen spam!

To pass the time while I wait for wow to redownload itself, here are a few funny (well to me, anyway) screenshots of old…

klaus fakes a lot of things

from the days of Restrained Chaos circa '06. I miss Klaus and Pure :(

klaus links his mount while flying

more Klaus shenannies (I should clarify it was his flying mount, heh)

rocket helmet away!

I used to have itemrack set so that whenever I got on my mount, it changed my helm to the Rocket Helmet you got from some quest in Netherstorm. I mean hey, what if I fell off my gryphon!?

pure's outta there

dangit Pure, come back to wow, I miss ye :P

RIP wall climbing

back before the great wall-jumping nerf of whenever you could climb up to the top of the dome in Nightbane's room in Kara. I made it all the way to the top... once!

shortly before my old video card finally gave up the ghost in 2007, WoW’s graphics started tweaking out in wacky ways (ignore my craptacular old UI, that was before I discovered the wonders of minimalism)…

Avvy on acid?

If I moved around that mob, the colors would change like a prism o_O

red rain?!

red rain?! holy crap it's the end of the WORLD

more like tweakystone

my hearthing animation... I don't even know how to describe this.

Oo, looks like the Repair tool is finished… guess I’ll log in and see if the DC’s are gone.