January 10, 2010

It’s been kind of a low-key weekend in Avvy-land; I did much of the usual – a few dailies here, a random heroic there. I took my wee shammy‘s new Elemental spec for a spin in some lowbie instances (other than gnarly mana issues, it’s pretty fun) and went from 38-40 in no time.

I haven’t run lowbie instances in quite awhile. You meet some pretty interesting characters, like the French tank I ended up in Scarlet Monastary with…

imagine it with an accent

he was the only human in a party of lady spacegoats, you can't really blame him

But now my shammy has her hilariously fast-moving epic elephant mount! \o/

On a whim I decided to take my gnome mage engineer over to Gnomeregan to farm for the pet schematics (lil smoky and the pet bombling). The bombling is a guaranteed drop from Thermaplugg, but the lil smoky schematic is a random drop from Arcane Nullifiers. (Here’s a guide to farming these if you’re curious!) After about 6-7 instance resets I gave up on lil smoky for the time being and ported back to IF to craft my bombling.

if only I could sic it on people

bonus points if you know where the guild name came from!

I just don’t have the patience these days to farm endlessly for random things; I get all ADD and start shifting in my chair like a 6-year-old hopped up on sugar. I have to start doing something different lest my brain begin to implode.

Shortly before bed I queued up brand-spankin-new-80 Nikoel for a random regular-mode dungeon and was plopped square into a Forge of Souls run. The rest of the group consisted of an uber-geared protadin and his pocket tree guildie, a feralkitty, and a random DK. Due to the awesome tank and the many undead in the dungeon, lil crappy-geared Nik didn’t do too bad, pulling a respectable 2nd on the damage meter… right behind the uber tank >_> Unfortunately the RNG didn’t fall in her favor and all drops were cloth or otherwise useless for her.

Speaking of the new ICC 5-mans, when I ran Avvy’s random heroic on Saturday I found myself upon zone-in joining a HoR run in which the group (a pally tank, druid healer, lock, and mage) was already huddled inside one of the cubbyholes in the Frostmorne room. This doesn’t look promising, I thought, but the group members were friendly and the pally tank seemed well- enough geared for the instance. We started the event and took down the first few waves with ease, but as the difficulty ramped up we lost our mage, with the lock’s health dropping rapidly. By the time the boss hit it was down to me, the pally tank, and the druid healer, but we managed to eck out the win. After the obligitory rezzes and rebuffs we started the second wave, and what should the first group of ghosties drop but…

The Battered Hilt! amgamg *insert “squeee!” noises from the entire group here*

We agreed to all roll Need. Somehow the dice were tipping my way and I found myself with a scratched and dented hilt plopped into my bags! \o/

The rest of the instance went utterly smooth (I still get a kick out of the “flee the Lich King and his aura of hurty” part) and I was back in Dala with my delicious cargo in no time.

Now to decide what to do with it… I have several alts that could totally use the resulting weapon (unfortunatley there’s no dagger option for Avvy *le cry* though I guess after the recent Mutilate nerf-whipping it might not be a bad time to go combat anyway… though combat, ugh… I’m a stealthy rogue, not a rage-less warrior!) and of course there’s always the temptation to put it up for sale (can you believe the prices people will pay for this thing?!) but that feels kind of wrong… think I’ll just be hanging onto it for now.

In RL news, I finally took down the Christmas tree. It was a sad, sad day for the little spider who’d decided to make his home at the top…



January 5, 2010

Well, my victory over the dreaded Disconnect Boss was short-lived. I was feeling all sprightly and carefree, coasting through my dailies with nary a DC, and decided to test my mettle in a random heroic. I tossed my name in the hat and had time to eat dinner, do my fishing and cooking dailies, and putz around Dalaran for a bit before the LFG tool told me my dungeon was ready.

ToC 5-man! (for some reason I’ve usually had luck with this instance and get a group that can clear it effortlessly, so it doesn’t tend to strike fear into my heart like perhaps it should.) I zone in and pick up my lance. We beat down the mounted trash and move on to the final three. I’m charging the giant tauren and…

My screen freezes. Seconds pass. My computer makes churny noises of doom and I realize I am disconnecting again. BAM! Login screen. I shake my fists to the heavens.

I log back in and apologize to my group for the DC and am greeted with this little gem from one of the asshat 12-year-olds of the Whirlwind battlegroup:


In hindsight I wish I had left the group right there, but I had already waited half an hour just to get into a dungeon.

We move on. Suddenly I’m lagging like crazy, the screen freezes again and when it un-sticks I find myself dead in green goo. The asshat shaman from Misha calls me a “jew” again (seriously… what the crap?)  and I squash the growing urge to flip him the proverbial wow-bird. Alas, I still have the Ignore list bug and cannot add him to it, so I put his name on my craptard-list for future reference. Of course, at the end of the instance, he Needs everything he can and leaves immediately.

I switch over to my restodruid Nadeau for another random heroic, hoping in vain that the DC in my last instance was random bad luck and not related to my problems of old. Fortunately by this point some guildies want to run randoms, so I queue up with my friends Annabela and Brighthammer and a few others. We are assigned an instance immediately – AN! woohoo! Quick and easy.

Right after the first elder pull I DC again and my wow client completely flips out and won’t let me log into my server at all. I kill wow entirely, start it back up, and log back in whilst muttering rabidly under my breath. My guildies, uber as they are, have already killed the first boss, completely minus a healer. Go guildies!

Then the DC gremlins got bored with me, or wandered off to torture some other poor sap, and I was able to finish the instance in peace. Afterward Annabela wanted to run her new 80 tanky druid through normal ToC for the trinket and insisted I bring my brand-spanking-new-80 pally along with. As Nik still reeks heavily of that fresh-80 smell I was a little nervous about taking her in there (heck, the LFD tool won’t even let her queue for normal ToC! I think its exact words were “your gear is too fail, nub”) but my guildies are awesome and insisted I come along.

Sadly, Nikoel puts out more DPS as a wee 80 than I think my kind-of-crap-but-kinda-ok-geared shadowpriest does now (when not Mind Sear-ing her way to loldeeps). I leveled Nik mostly through quests and this first level 80 5-man experience was eye-opening. Titan Critline was having a heyday. NEW RECORD! NEW RECORD! I think she  hit 3k at one point – not terribly shabby for a toon attired almost entirely in heirlooms and quest greens. Wings + Divine Storm = weee!  Retadins are FUN!

Of course, the RNG not-so-subtlely dropped a ton of spellpower plate as if trying to lead Nik down the doomed tenuous path of healbot-dom. I will resist!


I just heard there’s now a blue drake mount that drops from the last boss of Oculus. Well… at least you can say Blizz is making an effort to fix the group-dropping plague that seems to afflict at least 50% of the people that set foot in there.