ICC progress

January 2, 2010

Did 3/4 of the available bosses in ICC 10 man with my guild tonight. It was my first time in there and I picked up a cloak that was so much more uber than my previous one that I equipped it right then, gemless and enchantless, and got a stat boost… >_>

I got to man a cannon during the gunship fight; that was one of the more fun raid fights I’ve done in a looong time.


rockets are fun AND safe, kids!

We beat our heads against Saurfang a few times (kept losing ranged DPS to something… I was in total tank/spank rawr rawr stab stab melee mode so I didn’t notice exactly what it was… not the adds, but maybe the heals), getting him down to around 13% before calling it a night. I DC’d on the last attempt (ever since patch 3.3 hit I’ve had this weird random disconnect problem… I nuked my addon folder from orbit and re-downloaded everything to no avail… this is another reason I’m afraid to run heroics on my healydrood) on which we may have actually gotten him down had my PC decided to leave me connected to WoW. I WILL figure you out, evil disconnection problem… /shakefist

By the way the bone spikes on Marrowgar crack me up, though he chose to spike me over and over and over (I know there’s a terrible joke looming in that and I’m so not going there)


Avvy enjoying her 4th bone spike of the encounter

Going to make another attempt at the Northrend fishing contest tomorrow today – the first time I did I stood around in Dalaran waiting for a quest, which basically killed my chances right there. I’m planning to park in Howling Fjord, hope there aren’t a crap ton of people around with the same idea, and maybe even pull off a few achievements while I’m there.