All things in moderation

January 6, 2010

One of my main New Year’s Resolutions this year was “play less wow.”

This isn’t because I’m losing interest in teh wows, but rather the opposite – I like it too much. Over the past 5 years my average playtime has gone up and down but in general, when I am playing/raiding regularly, it has varied from 3-5 hours A NIGHT and sometimes more. Add that up over 5 years (adjusting for rapidly slowing metabolism and soul-crushing desk job) and you have an Avvy 20 pounds heavier than she was BW (Before Wow).

Since I don’t want to someday be the 500 pound colossus that doesn’t leave the house except by forklift, I decided this year I’d set up some limitations on how much time I allow myself to slowly vegetate in front of the computer.

1. Raid days (3x a week, T-W-Th) are OK.

2. I can choose one non-raid day to spend a maximum of 2 hours in-game doing whatever.

3. What will I do with my newly free time? oh, I dunno, maybe exercise again.

The other day I was running Avvy around in Terokkar Forest without her daggers equipped, beating up on unsuspecting moths in a slow and tedious attempt to raise her Unarmed skill to 400. (A random level 64 horde paladin, riding through the area, stopped and stared at me for a moment, to which I sheepishly /shrugged.) Now if there were only some way I could hook up Wii Fit Boxing to WoW and throw Avvy’s punches for her, I could take out two birds with one stone! ;)


falcon punch!

Other random RL thought

Why is it when you’re clipping your own nails, the sound/thought doesn’t bother you at all, but when someone else is doing it around you, it’s totally gross? Maybe it’s similar to always having an excuse for your own behavior but never allowing others the benefit of the doubt (for example, while driving, if you accidentally pull out in front of someone on the highway, you didn’t see them! it totally wasn’t your fault! but if someone else suddenly pulls out in front of YOU, they’re a giant jerkwad and couldn’t possibly have a good reason to have done so)

… ok so maybe it’s not like that at all, but regardless, the sound of nail-clipping is just… bleaghhhhhh. And yes I thought of this because a coworker 2 desks down is happily clipping away right this very moment. :X