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July 12, 2010

I have missed you. All of this RL fitness crap is eating up so much of my precious wow time. However, I did spend some quality time on my bum over the weekend, mindlessly leveling my wee shammy alt (who is not as wee anymore and has dinged 51!) mostly because this is the last time I will be able to experience these old-world quests before they retire for good in Cataclysm. Oddly I have always liked the quests in WPL/EPL as they have so much background story and lore on the whole scourge/undead/plague thing, and give you kind of a forboding sense of what’s to come in WotLK.

Along the way I hit up the random dungeon tool for some easy XP and to hopefully complete my level 50 shammy quest (why are all the level 50 quests in ST? Gah). My first dungeon of the day was BRD, in which the tank charged into the first room, rounded up every single mob, died in a not-so-glorious smear on the floor, and proceeded to drop group, quickly followed by the rest of the party members. My, what an awesome way to start out the day!

By the end of it I managed to get the shammy quest done and picked up my somewhat lame quest reward before leveling her JC a bit (talk about a money sink, hoo boy) and calling it a night. Can I say that I’m also somewhat bummed that I don’t get Heroism until level 70? Because I am.

Oh, I also check my battle.net account every freaking day looking for a beta invite only to have my hopes daily smashed by cold hard reality. I think if I did somehow magically get into beta I would transfer Avvy over and then buy a bunch of heirlooms for a worgen… I may even level another rogue. Because, I mean, ninja werewolves, yo. (Plus, I leveled my rogue soooo long ago and I was such a noob back then, I’m sure it will seem like a whole new experience! >_>)

Oh, and I am very, very excited about Dragon Age 2. Do want!



January 10, 2010

It’s been kind of a low-key weekend in Avvy-land; I did much of the usual – a few dailies here, a random heroic there. I took my wee shammy‘s new Elemental spec for a spin in some lowbie instances (other than gnarly mana issues, it’s pretty fun) and went from 38-40 in no time.

I haven’t run lowbie instances in quite awhile. You meet some pretty interesting characters, like the French tank I ended up in Scarlet Monastary with…

imagine it with an accent

he was the only human in a party of lady spacegoats, you can't really blame him

But now my shammy has her hilariously fast-moving epic elephant mount! \o/

On a whim I decided to take my gnome mage engineer over to Gnomeregan to farm for the pet schematics (lil smoky and the pet bombling). The bombling is a guaranteed drop from Thermaplugg, but the lil smoky schematic is a random drop from Arcane Nullifiers. (Here’s a guide to farming these if you’re curious!) After about 6-7 instance resets I gave up on lil smoky for the time being and ported back to IF to craft my bombling.

if only I could sic it on people

bonus points if you know where the guild name came from!

I just don’t have the patience these days to farm endlessly for random things; I get all ADD and start shifting in my chair like a 6-year-old hopped up on sugar. I have to start doing something different lest my brain begin to implode.

Shortly before bed I queued up brand-spankin-new-80 Nikoel for a random regular-mode dungeon and was plopped square into a Forge of Souls run. The rest of the group consisted of an uber-geared protadin and his pocket tree guildie, a feralkitty, and a random DK. Due to the awesome tank and the many undead in the dungeon, lil crappy-geared Nik didn’t do too bad, pulling a respectable 2nd on the damage meter… right behind the uber tank >_> Unfortunately the RNG didn’t fall in her favor and all drops were cloth or otherwise useless for her.

Speaking of the new ICC 5-mans, when I ran Avvy’s random heroic on Saturday I found myself upon zone-in joining a HoR run in which the group (a pally tank, druid healer, lock, and mage) was already huddled inside one of the cubbyholes in the Frostmorne room. This doesn’t look promising, I thought, but the group members were friendly and the pally tank seemed well- enough geared for the instance. We started the event and took down the first few waves with ease, but as the difficulty ramped up we lost our mage, with the lock’s health dropping rapidly. By the time the boss hit it was down to me, the pally tank, and the druid healer, but we managed to eck out the win. After the obligitory rezzes and rebuffs we started the second wave, and what should the first group of ghosties drop but…

The Battered Hilt! amgamg *insert “squeee!” noises from the entire group here*

We agreed to all roll Need. Somehow the dice were tipping my way and I found myself with a scratched and dented hilt plopped into my bags! \o/

The rest of the instance went utterly smooth (I still get a kick out of the “flee the Lich King and his aura of hurty” part) and I was back in Dala with my delicious cargo in no time.

Now to decide what to do with it… I have several alts that could totally use the resulting weapon (unfortunatley there’s no dagger option for Avvy *le cry* though I guess after the recent Mutilate nerf-whipping it might not be a bad time to go combat anyway… though combat, ugh… I’m a stealthy rogue, not a rage-less warrior!) and of course there’s always the temptation to put it up for sale (can you believe the prices people will pay for this thing?!) but that feels kind of wrong… think I’ll just be hanging onto it for now.

In RL news, I finally took down the Christmas tree. It was a sad, sad day for the little spider who’d decided to make his home at the top…

Victory music!

January 4, 2010

Last night after my attempted wow-fixes I logged in and managed to stay connected for about 2 hours without a DC before logging for the night. I ran a random heroic on Avvy (during which¬† I discovered I have a bug wherein I can’t add players to my ignore list, which apparently Blizzard is “aware of” but has no fix for at this time… augh, how shall I shield myself from the ninjas and asshats of the Whirlwind battlegroup now!?) and, after a few quests in Sholazar, dinged 80 on my paladin (woohoo! another toon ready to be mocked/kicked in heroics) – so it looks like my DC problem may be fixed! I would still like to see if it happens during a raid, where it’s the most frequent/tourette’s-inducing… but I’m cautiously optimistic.

80 80 80 hoy hoy hoy

my pally is 80! haha, I caught her blinking

Before bed I logged on my wee shammy with determination to at least get her to 40 at some point so she has a fancy fast-moving elephant to ride around on. I respcced her Elemental (Enhance and I had a bad relationship, I realize this is likely because I didn’t quite hit the point of being able to talent into dual-wielding, but I was just OVER it) and sent her some heirloom gear, hoping to be able to both dps and possibly off-heal my way through lowbie instances, which is highly preferable to questing through Tanaris/Feralas/STV/Badlands/etc for the 8th time. So now she looks slightly ridiculous in her T2-knockoff heirloom shoulders…


having played Alliance forever, I never got to experience these babies in Vanilla wow

Is it just me though or does it feel like you need like 20 action bars to play a shammy? I already have a metric crap ton of totems and my little toon is only 38… her bars are already crammed full of all the spells and tricks that shammies get. (My rogue on the other hand has room for music macros, vanity pets, etc etc) I don’t know how I’m gonna fit more crap on there. (I suppose reading up on what’s needed for the spec might be helpful…)

Guess I’ll go back to working now and maybe read up a bit on protadin-ing for my fresh 80 pally if I get some time… not that I WANT to be That Tank with 26k health, but we all gotta start somewhere!

(BTW, in reference to the title of this post, this mod is awesome if you like Final Fantasy victory music to play when you down a boss, or fail music to play when you don’t :3)


Edit 4 hours later: I’ve barely made a dent in this post on protadins over at EJ, and my eyes are already glazing over… there is a crap ton of stuff to think about as a tank x_X Is it really that complicated? Can’t I just throw on some defense/stam gear and have a go at it?

*watches healers flee in terror*