“Hang on, I’m reading the quest”

February 8, 2010

I’m a reader. Text grabs my attention, and when I’m bored (such as waiting in a line somewhere or when left with nothing to do at my job), I shift about restlessly looking for something to read. I read books on my bus trips to and from work (currently plowing through Anna Karenina), read diagrams and posters stuck up in the break room, read the top folds of newspapers through their cases while waiting for my bus or my coffee at Starbux, and read all the dialogue in games I play.

Of course, this means I read the quests in WoW. I enjoy the story, the underlying plot, knowing WHY I’m doing what I’m doing. This can drive people of the opposite persuasion – who accept quests as quick as they can and turn them in without a thought as to what just happened – quite crazy when paired with me.

For example,  I leveled through BC and some of WotLK with my roommate, who is a most extreme non-quest-reader – he will grab all available quests and dash off to start completing them, while I pause at each questgiver to read over the text and learn more of the story. I’m a quick reader, but it still drove my roomie nuts.

“I’m starting without you!” he would call from his room.

“Hang on, one sec… just reading the quest!”

Often this meant I had to cut short and try to read the quest as we killed/gathered/did whatever we were supposed to do (this was the usual result as I hate feeling like I’m dragging somebody else down or wasting their time), or we would find ourselves in some quest-created predicament that didn’t make sense to him, but that I could explain. It ended up an incompatible questing partnership and we more or less had to quest our own separate ways for most of WotLK.

Are you the kind of person who will read every story, or do you subscribe more to the collect quests – dash away school of WoW?


The other day I hopped the bird out of Dalaran toward Sholozar Basin for the fishing daily. As the gryphon was circling the city my onscreen graphics froze for a moment, as they often do before I DC, and then suddenly un-stuck with a most noticeable difference in the landscape around me.

my eyyyes


strangely hungry

are those.... fish? o_O


oh gosh it burns

what is this I don't even

oh ahahhaa the trees...

memo to self, lay off the caffiene

oh guildies (pardon my typos, the glitch was rendering my text box unreadable, so I couldn't see what I was typing >.<)

Maybe that’s what WoW would look like all the time if I took acid!

This happened to me once before on my old computer back in BC. I don’t know if my video card is about to give up the ghost (it runs insanely hot as is) or if this was just some weird random graphics glitch (apparently more common than not). I killed wow and started it back up and the world had returned to normal. It’s too bad, I almost missed the benevolent fish in the sky…

In other news I’ve started up Star Trek Online (for reals now) and have also been playing Dragon Age, which is an immense time-sucker of the likes to rival WoW (and I have to admit… I know he already has crap tons of fans and his own fanclubs, and I usually don’t go for the massively “popular” kind of attractions – but I am totally e-infatuated with Alistair <3 He’s so funny and weird and… totally my type! le sigh), so my WoW time has diminished somewhat, but never fear, I can never fully abandon my one true MMO love.


oh Alistair...

Oh and yes, I’m a rogue in Dragon Age too… I’m always drawn toward sneaky stealthy stabby characters :3

Now I shall cease sneakily uploading screenshots and actually go back to work…